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The assessment module of the Summer Insitute (SI) will give participants knowledge on how assessment plays a role in teaching and learning. Students will also develop and needs assessment while applying their knowledhe of assessment, course instructional priorities, and the needs of underrepresented students. These activities will allow for the students to identify a signature assignment for the semester along with its respective rubric.

Diversity and Inclusion

By the conclusion of the diversity and inclusion module, participants will be familiar with the landmark legal cases and key issues concerning diversity and higher education while also being aware of available resources for faculty who are members of groups that are underrepresented in their disciplines. Participants will also map out a prelimenary action advocacy plan and set of mentoring needs that will allow them to collaboratively reflect on their rights as faculty.

High Impact Practices and How People Learn

Based upon brain research and learning theory, participants will understand the stages of learning and be able to applu that understandin gin designing educational experiences for university and/or college students.

Interdiscplinary Instruction

The interdisciplinary workshop will provide information on how to recognize the culture of specialized values, practices, and terms that mark specific discplines that will in turn allow participants to understand the inherent challenges of collaborating accross disciplines. Participants will also be made aware of basic strategies for overcoming communication hurdles in diverse groups.

Research In Undergraduate Instruction

The research in undergraduate instruction workshop will provide participants with knowledge regarding the academic and personal scheduling demands of undergraduates and faculty at an HSI PUI. Participants will also create and critique research projects that are scalable to the resource available, making sure thatsaid projects align with student academic careers while balancing student ecpectations and faculty professional (RTP) demands.