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Day 1


Overview & Ice Breaker

*Theme: Getting to know everyone nd the role of the PIs in supporting the cohort fellows.

Overview & Ice Breaker PowerPoint Presentation

Campus Cultures

*Theme: Understanding that there are different types of academic institutions. Like individuals, each one has its own history, strengths, and motivating goals. Understanding the similarities and differences between the four campuses in our alliance.

Campus Cultures (Four Alliance Campuses) Powerpoint Presentation

How People Learn & High Impact Practices

*Themes: Understanding how people learn and using that understanding in planning educational activities. Understanding the range of "high impact practices" that are known to be particularly effective in learning, with a focus on Course Based Undergraduate Research (CUREs) as one particularly effective practice.

How People Learn Powerpoint Presentation

High Impact Practices Powerpoint Presentation

CUREs Powerpoint Presentation

Interdisciplinary Instruction

*Objective: Understanding that every academic discipline has its own specialized concepts, methods and standards of evidence. Understanding why interdisciplinary instruction and research is important. Exploring ways of facilitating interdisciplinary dialog in classrooms.

Interdisciplinary Instruction Powerpoint Presentation