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Day 2

Educational Relationships: Meeting Mentors & Undergraduate Research

Introduction to the Mentors, Fellows, and the AGEP Program

*Obejctives: Meeting the mentors, introducing the mentor-fellow partnerships. Understandin these partnerships in the contect of the AGEP Alliance and the broaders NSF AGEP program.

Menter-Mentee Relations & Memorandum of Understanding

*Theme: Introducing the parameterd of the mentor-fellow partnership and instroducing the Memorandum of Understandinf the Fellows and Mentors must complete by the end of the institute.

Undergraduate Research

*Theme: Understanding the advantages and challenfes of conducting research with undergraduate. Researching and creating knowledge is academically enriching and empowering for all involved. But doing so porductively requires a thoughtful and strategic planning - from coordinating schedule to plotting realistic milestones and providing scaffolded support so that projects succeed. 

Undergraduate Research Powerpoint Presentation

CSU Fresno and CSU Channel Islands Faculty Panel 

*Theme: Understanding the life of a professor at a CSU campus. Topics included how to balance intellectual work of teaching classes and doing research, the interpersonal work of exploring students' needs and collaborating with them in research, and the personal work of managing personal time, family, and community ties, etc.

Networking Reception Attended by all participants in the AGEP alliance, other graduate students at UCSB and campus leaders, including Dean of Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences.