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Day 3

Creating Classroom Goals: Assessment & Project Planning


Introduction to Assessment

*Theme: Assessing students' needs and learning progress is central to the work of teaching - from deciding what information and activities to prioritize in instruction, to shaping ongoing class support and feedback in ways that will best serve your diverse students.

Introduction to Assessment Powerpoint Presentation


*Theme: Overview of best-practies in mentoring at H.S.I.s/ Teaching-intensive universties, the use active learning techniques to design a foundation for healthy mentor-fellow relationship, and development of mentor-fellow MOU.

Project Planning

*Objective: Beging to structure objectives of your teaching intervention: the undergraduate class that you will target, intended learning outcomes for students, the strategy for reaching those goals through instruction and activities including high-impact practices.

Social Science Research on Social Norms and Post-PhD Career Choices among STEM Grads

*Theme: Graduate students and faculty can have different perceptions of what each other wants and expects. These perceptions can leads to stress and miscommunications. They can also affect feelings of beloning, especially for underrepresented students.