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Day 6

Project Development: Going Deeper and Further Planning

Goind Deeper ~ Make It

*Theme:  Understanding the importance of feedback in learning. Understanding the distinction between summative and formative feedback in pedagogy. Start developing the specific of your educational project. Designing rubrics based on course learning objectives.

The Power of Feedback Loop Powerpoint

Rubric Presentation Powerpoint

Going Deeper ~ Test It

*Theme:  Discussion of types of evidence that can be analyzed in a needs assessment of students in a course, put first-draft project plans to the test: try out activities, talk through the practical realities of those plans, troublshoot and receive peer feedback. Developing lesson plans based on teaching goals and students' current understanding.

Needs Assessment Powerpoint

Lesson Planning Powerpoint

Project Planning

*Objective: Take time to reflect on feedback, revise and develop your plans.